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Votumba LLC is a small web design, development and web based application firm located in Nashua, New Hampshire. We help individuals as well as businesses both large and small, create custom web based solutions to real life problems. We develop, brand, and design sites and applications to be intuitive, creative and as automated as possible.

Our clients are located all across the country. We currently have over 100 websites and web based applications we've developed and currently support.

The Penguin

A lot of people ask about the penguin. The truth is he keeps to himself most of the time, doesn't talk much, and is, by all accounts, a mysterious and generally lascivious character. A graduate of Yale University's School of Mascotry, the penguin has numerous film roles to his credit, including parts in "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet", and served as Danny DeVito's stunt double in Tim Burton's 1989 thriller, "Batman" (uncredited). A two-time Mascot of the Year selection, the penguin is known for his adorable nature, his comical antics and his penchant for mischief. When not being a mascot, the penguin is busy promoting his new book, "Life Isn't Always Black and White", eating fish, and waddling about.

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