Why We're Awesome

Our Creative Thinking Abilities

Our designs are original, creative and most importantly, functional. We make your brand of business stand out. We can take some of the dullest business's (let's use drywall as an example) and turn them into fun, creative, and engaging applications.

Abundance of Technical “Geek” Skills

We love coding, it's what we wake up each morning to do. Not only that, but we love reading up and learning about the latest development trends and technologies and incorperating the latest and greatest into every new site.

We love automation. We want to make your application as automated and as powerful as possible.

Many Years of Experience

Votumba has been in business for several years. We have no plans on going anywhere. When you bring years of web development and design experience to the table, you learn a lot. That means we are able to tackle many complex problems because...we've probably already had to figure out a solution to them before. This not only cuts down on development time, but equates to a much smoother experience for everyone.

First Class Quality Support

We're a small firm, there's no denying that, but that means when you have a question you are speaking directly to the person who developed your website or application. We realize websites don't have normal business hours, so that's why we don't really either. If you have a question or problem, we are virtualy always available via email and almost always reachable by phone. This goes for weekends as well.

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